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REGIONAL SHOWCASE - TEAM (min. 9 - max. 15 players)
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Here at Kings of Europe 7V7 our mission is to provide a platform of competition for European football players. 7on7 is the prime off-season training experience for all players. We strive to deliver athletes quality development, competition and exposure through 7on7 football.

Athletes will compete against top players, improve their skills and finally get exposed to colleges and top media.

Emanuel Lewis (Founder/Owner)

‘We, at Kings of Europe, aim to improve time and speed in the passing game at all skill level positions. Europe being years behind America in competitive style 7on7, therefore it has been in tremendous need for the development of our athletes and coaches. We help athletes all over Europe playing the game of American football to gain notoriety and exposure as well as giving our EU athletes a bigger purpose and opportunity to compete against top 7v7 teams/ athletes around the world.’